Saturday, February 19, 2011

stress status ;)

ni status stree yang aku wat kat fb . nak melambangkan tekanan aku . hahaha . aku nak kongsi . hehe

1. "How I wish stress can burn calories!"

2. If stress was a diet plan- I'd be invisible by now!

3. is tired, stressed and in need of a big hug, a really long vacation and a very strong alcoholic drink

4. sometimes its better not to forget and hide, but to let one cry, for sometimes only letting the tears flow can one truly relieve the stress that burdens them...

5. Dear stress, You have now overstayed your welcome you have been notified you have till the end of business day to vacate the premises...thank you for complying

6. Has decided, instead of thinking, "what else could go wrong" I will change my thought process and say, "What will be my next accomplishment?"

7. Life is too short to stress myself out over people who don't matter or deserve to be an issue in my life...

8. Dear Stress, I'm sorry but I feel I need to break up with you. It's not you it's me! We've seen too much of each other lately, I'm sure I'll cope without you x

9. is tired, stressed, exhausted & in need of a hug, a holiday & a very large vodka & tonic.

10. is trying to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once

p/s: bwt mse nie , nie jek dpt ku kongsi . aku nak out . bubye .

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