Thursday, March 3, 2011

plish someone tells my hearts ;(

i try to tell myself that it's really over
that it's to late for me to go back there
need to walk away
need to keep my pride
go on with my life

gettin' sick and tired of this situation
somethin' deep inside just can't seem to face it
i'm not going back but some howi cant say GOODBYE!!

someone needs to tell my heart
get it to believe that its over
tried and tried a thousand times

im still here
i can try to walk away but i only seem to end up nowhere

im made up my mind thts the easy part...
someone tell my hearts

p/s : for my ex yang dah lame putus . 3 taun ubgn aku ngn dye . now dye muncul balik dlm hidup aku . tpi dye sudah ade awek iaitu teman sekolah ku dlu . hurm . marah n jelez ade . aku pun xtw sbb pe . hurm .aku doakan dye bahgia jela . k . daaaa

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